Every season a new fashion jewelry trend crops up that takes the fashion world by storm. It can be anything from colorful bracelets to tows of pearls or other chunky stuff that people love to adore themselves with. But, then there are some trends that have stood on top for many years and are going to stay that way for many more years to come. One such trend is that of hot skull bracelets for men. They come wither in chunky chains or subtle fabrics or leather material that remain the hottest styling thing for men running the couture runway.

Mix & Matching Your Shamballa Bracelet

The best thing about men’s leather skull bracelets is that even women can wear them quite easily as they suit both the genders perfectly. You can even mix and match them with other jewelry or accessory that you might be including in your attire as they look pretty cool and stylish with almost everything. Bikers are especially in love with mens sterling silver skull bracelets as they go well with their tough persona and macho biker look.

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Even for the guys who wear formal office attire to their adding a men skull bracelet to their attire is pretty easy. All they have to do is to wear a small skull head bracelet with chain on their wrist which can be easily concealed under the cuffs of the shirt of the blazer so it won’t remain visible if heading out for a professional meeting.
When it comes to buying skull mens bracelet, the options are endless as the market is flourished with a beautiful and extensive range of skull mens bracelet in a variety of designs, patterns, colors, styles, and more. The most common and preferred ones are those where colorful beads are knotted neatly and have a silver sterling skull head at the center. These bracelets look subtle, stylish and very elegant even to those who are not very fond of carrying accessories with their attire.

Sterling Silver Skull Bracelets

Another popular choice is that of mens sterling silver skull bracelets. These bracelets have silver made chains with oxidized silver skull head mounted at the center. These are considered ideal for those who wish to wear their bracelet for daily and regular purpose. This kind of bracelet can also be matched with cuff links to add a pinch of somberness to your ensemble. The sterling silver skull head bracelet is all you need to redefine power dressing without being over the board. When you spot a man wearing a skull bracelet you can instantly judge his stylish taste in accessories that will make you admire how handsomely he is dressed.

For women as well, the skull head bracelets are very well suited. Despite being termed as a specific men’s accessory, skull head bracelets are pretty popular among the tomboyish and carefree no fuss kind of girls. However, the designs they prefer are more colorful and detail oriented, unlike men who keep it simple.
When it comes to beautifying options of mens skull bracelets then also the choices can be endless. You can buy a bracelet that has skull featuring the jewels as eyes or for more aesthetic versions, opt for gold or silver skull with diamond eyes or diamond teeth even if you are up for that much bling. The designs can be endless and each of them can fit in your wardrobe in some or the other way. A stone studded skull bracelet will shine in your wrist and will surely catch the eye of the onlooker. When you are wearing something as unique as a stoned skull bracelet people cannot help but notice it twice and cannot control themselves from complementing you for your great fashion sense.
So, no matter what kind of mens skull bracelet you choose to wear, it is surely going to grab you a lot of attention from the people around as they will have a reason enough to notice you and your personal style.

Have you ever thought of getting into the feeling that says ‘I’ll show you who’s the real boss!’? Well, the most subtle and stylish of depicting this attitude is to add some unique lion bracelet or other lion jewelry to your attire. The lion head bracelet depicts a roar, which gives you a sense of power and strength in the crowded room and also make you shine out among others without putting in much effort. If you are heading out to a professional gathering or an office party then you must actually consider wearing a gold lion bracelet. Wearing a gold lion head bracelet will make people think that you are ready to take charge, it signifies your charismatic personality and start showing your in a natural positive light that adds authoritative power to your persona.
It is often said that people who chose to wear lion jewelry are often very strong willed and carry a lot of positive attitude around which they are proud of. Quite often, lion head bracelet lovers are on the leadership position, so don’t get too surprised if you see a hot shot high powered corporate employee sporting a nice sold gold lion head bracelet with much ease. By wearing this kind of powerful pieces of jewelry these people try to showcase that they are in complete control of the situation.

Adding a lion motif to your regular bracelet is frequently also associated with the Leo zodiac sign, which means you can also assume that if a person is wearing a lion head bracelet then he might be born under that sun sing. The Leo born is considered to be very dominant, creative, spontaneous and extroverted. They feel themselves to be most comfortable at the power position or the position where they can command others. Above that, Leo the fiery fire sign also make its natives very fun people with amazingly effective communication skills, no doubt that many Leo natives proudly wear the lion lead bracelet on their wrists. Their gifted ability to shine out in the crowd makes them take charge of several occasions even unintentionally.

The gold lion head bracelet has come up as the ultimate accessory choice for the Leo born individuals and they are not even afraid or reluctant over getting them customized as per their choice and requirement. The lion head bracelet can be made easily in any of the metal of the wearers choice or even in fabric with a metallic lion head at the center. Some even get studs incorporated in place of lions’ eyes in their bracelet to make that piece of jewelry fancier and more stylish.

The most favored and on demand kind of lion bracelets are the ones made in oxidized silver with a lion head mounting over it and giving a very powerful look to it. You can get sparkle added to the bracelet as per your requirement. Even there are options where you can have more than one lion head on your bracelet, but then you might need to get it customized, which many retailers to willingly at a very minimal cost.

If you wish to give a surprise present to your Leo friend who loves to be in power and is fin to be around then nothing can beat the charm of a lion head bracelet in gold or any other metal that you think is affordable. You will be surprised to see the enlightening sparkle in your friend’s eyes and you will be admired for your unique gift selection.

Being a man doesn’t mean that you cannot wear jewelry designed specifically for men with equal oomph and aplomb. Even for the trends like shamballa bracelet, men have started showing keen interest and now sportingly wear it with their casual attires just to add some fun element to their ensemble.

For those who do not know what does it mean, shambala bracelet is made using colorful beads which are knotted with threads to form a bracelet for men. The well structured and precisely knotted mens shamballa bracelets can be worn easily with all kinds of casual attires that men would prefer carrying for a causal outing, for college or for even the work if their work environment allows them to be a little casual with their attire.

Because shamballa bracelets are handmade only as they need to be knotted together using threads and beads one can easily get them customized as per their personal requirement and choice. For example, if you liked a particular shamballa bracelet design but not very fond of the kind of stones or beads used in it, then you can the seller to get the same design customized for you but with the beads of your choice.

The kind of beads that can be used for shamballa bracelets range from precious, semi-precious to even plastic beads if one cannot afford the luxury to have expensive beads added to their bracelet. These bracelets are also a perfect choice for gifting friends as you both can wear the same and dedicate the bracelet to your bond of friendship. Even for the couples, they can get their shamballa bracelets customized with something engraved on the each bead or get the same colored beads bracelet customized for each other, which they both can wear to mark their love for each other.

The shamballa bracelets are easily adjustable according to the wrist size and can be worn tight and lose as per the wearer personal comfort label. Best part is you can wear one or more shamballa bracelets at a time in different colored beads to create a style statement as per their taste and preference.

When you will check online, there will be plethora of shamballa bracelets for sale but you need to identify what exactly you want to buy that will compliment your personal fashion sense. Once you will begin your hunt to buy shamballa bracelet online you will not be disappointed with the options as there are numerous designs, knotting options, beads and more available to select from.

Gone are the days when men doesn’t prefer to wear accessories or were reluctant to add jewelry to their attire. Now that things and times have changed men have become more open towards experimenting with new innovations and trends that will give a boost to their attire. In this only, come the fundamental of power dressing, wherein men just include accessories to their attire with the only motive to leave an impact on people around and manipulate without going over the top with their style.

Anchor bracelet for men has become the latest trend that most of the men love to follow in order to make themselves look more appealing, dashing and in-trend. There has been a wide range of anchor bracelets and anchor wristband that has been introduced in the market in recent years. Such stylish bracelets go extremely well with casual attire wherein a guy is wearing denim with tees and sneakers. However, if you wish to mix them with more formal attires then its better to look for the ones that are made in metals like gold and silver.

Silver anchor bracelet look more sophisticated with formal wear like normal trousers and shirt or even the business or casual suit. But if you are inclined towards leather anchor bracelet then its better to ensemble them with casual wear only as they might look a little out of place with your otherwise formal attire.

However, if you are looking for any particular kind of men anchor bracelet then you can even get them customized either from a local jeweler or get them customized through a men’s jewelry shopping website that offers customization or can design any of their own design in the material of your choice.

Silver anchor bracelets are usually preferred over the gold ones because they look more subtle and stylish, which might not be the case with gold anchor bracelets.

Apart from being the most loved fashion jewelry for men, anchor bracelets are pretty much in demand among girls as well. Not because they would like to wear them, instead they like spending on them so that they can gift such nice piece of jewelry to their partner and make him wear the same as their token of love which he can keep with him all the time. Off late, anchor bracelets for men and women have become the most preferred Valentine’s Day, anniversary day, etc. gift option among the young couples.

There are several websites that sell an exceptional variety of anchor bracelets for men, you can buy bracelets for men in silver, leather and even other kind of fabrics and materials of your choice or even get them customized at a very minimal charge. For a more sober look you can get a leather bracelet with the metallic anchor attached to and combine it with your both casual and formal attire with much ease.

No matter what the reason may be, anchor bracelet for men make for an exceptional piece of fashion jewelry for men which they love to adore.

When it comes to male apparel, there is nothing more appealing than well-coordinated suit accessories. Attention to detail when accessorizing can really make or break your overall appearance, and it’s important to know what works and what doesn’t in order to develop a polished sense of style. Choosing the right cufflinks, for example, can make all the difference between a Dapper Don and Disheveled Dan. The right tie can complement a shirt or jacket, providing a pop of color to what might have otherwise been a drab suit. When all the right pieces come together, you can create a look that is impressive while expressing your own unique flair. Here are some tips to help you make your accessories enhance your look:


  • Opt for sterling silver cuff links. If you choose to wear cuff links with some color, make sure the color matches or complements your shirt or tie.
  • Tie a proper knot for your standard or bow tie. A jumbled knot can give the wrong impression, making you look careless and messy, but a crisp and precise knot will make you look like a boss.
  • Choose a pocket square that coordinates well with your suit. A white pocket square is always a safe bet if you are unsure about coordinating color. If you feel comfortable wearing a patterned pocket square, coordinate colors either by accenting or subtle matching. Like your tie, make sure your pocket square is folded properly.
  • Consider wearing a watch; it brings character and sophistication to your look. For example, you may consider wearing a stainless steel watch with a business suit to add a sleek and professional finish. If you are going for a more casual and vintage look, you can sport an antique pocket watch to give your suit a hint of old-school style.
  • Choose socks with a little pizazz! A splash of color or subtle design can make a statement when you’re wearing a plain or understated suit.


  • Mix metals when you wear cuff links. Mixing metals is like wearing a striped shirt and polka dot pants; you’ve got to choose one or the other.
  • Match the color of your tie with the color of your shirt. What’s the point of wearing a tie if it’s just going to be camouflaged by your shirt? Your tie is supposed to bring your shirt to life, not blend in with it.
  • Wear French cuffs without cufflinks. According to AskMen.com this is one of the most common male fashion faux pas. Many men inadvertently give off a sloppy appearance by rolling up French cuffed shirts or simply leaving the cuffs unfastened. Avoid this fashion blunder by accompanying your cuffs with stylish links.
  • Tuck your tie inside your pants. If you want to keep your tie in place, opt for a tie clip. Not only are tie clips a subtle way to prevent your ties from swinging, they are another accessory that can bring character to your suit.
  • Neglect your personal style. Think about your individual taste when it comes to men’s suits accessories and what kind of message you want to send with your style. Let your own unique flare shine through with your suit’s accouterments.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed about choosing the right accessories to accompany your suit, just stay true to your own style while dressing to the formality of the event. Accessorizing becomes routine once you learn and practice the basic do’s and don’ts. If you follow the above suit accessory tips, and use trial and error to find what works for you, you’ll be dressing to the nines in no time!


Spring may be right around the corner, but there’s still plenty of time to wear one of the most versatile pieces of knitwear out there – the cardigan. Here are five outfit ideas to try.

1. Weekend Casual


A lightweight cardigan is the perfect off-duty layering piece. It helps pull your look together and adds an extra layer of warmth. With a pair of jeans and a jacket, it is your go-to look for a casual brunch date.

2. Business Layering


A lightweight cardigan works as a great layering piece in a business context as well. It’s another form of the mixed three-piece suit. A softer and more sartorial approach to dapper dressing and a great use of essential separates.

3. Creative Layering


Why wear one sweater when you can wear two? This is when you really see the benefit of lightweight knitwear. Not only can you layer two sweaters easily, but they’ll still fit comfortable under a blazer.

4. Blazer Substitute


You already know that a waistcoat and trousers is my favorite underrated three-piece suit combination. A chunky shawl collar cardigan is a fresh substitute for the matching jacket. It lends a casual ease to an otherwise buttoned-up look.

5. Everyday Casual


On days I don’t have something specific to get dressed up for, this is my daily uniform. Simple, casual basics always look great. On anyone. Anchor this look with a pair of suede loafers to dial up the style a notch.

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There are two kinds of suit jackets and blazers. There are canvas jackets which come in a full or half canvas, and then there are fused jackets.

Since the jacket is made from wool or another material, when you lay the fabric out on a table, it’s completely flat. It doesn’t take the proportions and angles of a person’s body into account. It lays there like a piece of paper. The interlining is what’s put in the jacket to make it three-dimensional, so it drapes well on your body and doesn’t just hang flat.


Most suits and blazers found off-the-rack (OTR) at department and menswear stores use fused interlinings. They are the cheapest and easiest to produce and can be found on most inexpensive jackets and sale items.


A close up of suit jacket canvassing.

The problem is that unlike the canvassed jackets, fused interlinings are glued to the jacket’s shell. Although it may appear at first glance to be flattering, and a sale price is always a nice find, the fact is that it’s an inferior construction technique that will render your suit unwearable in a fraction of the time it would take for a canvassed suit to wear out.

Why? Since it’s glued, there is no room for movement. This causes the interlining to stretch which puts strain on the glue and the fabrics. Since they are also made from fabrics that – in most cases – are lower quality, as the strain wears on the fabric and glue, the once-dapper appearance begins to look like you wore your older brother’s hand-me-down suit. The chest piece is what usually looks the best at the store, but even that fails quickly.

Fused jackets don’t breathe easily. It causes a greater amount of sweat to form and, as a result, requires more dry cleaning which is also hard on the fabric and glue. There’s no doubt that any menswear aficionado will easily be able to spot that you’re wearing an ill-fitting and poorly made suit.

The only benefit is the price, but, one could argue that you’ll spend more money, in the long run, having to replace the jacket than if you had invested in a jacket that could last 10, 20 or 30 years.



When it comes to canvassed jackets, there are full and half canvas options. The full canvas jacket is the pinnacle of the group, but if you are on a budget, consider a half canvas over a fused jacket every day of the week.

The reason a canvassed jacket is more expensive often has to do with a better quality fabric. But the biggest factor is the craftsmanship and that it takes more effort to create.

While a fused jacket is held together with glue, the canvassed jacket has an interlining that’s sewn to the outer shell. Because of this, it moves with you and the drape changes as your body re-positions. Therefore, there is minimal strain to the jacket. With a good quality jacket, the drape will actually improve as you wear it as it conforms to your body type.


Showing the difference between a half canvas and full canvas jacket construction.

Unlike the full canvas jacket, the half canvas combines the flexibility of a sewn interlining with the appearance that the fused chest piece gives at the store. That really broad and muscular impression. While a half canvas not as good as the full canvas jacket, it does offer a discounted option to those working with a smaller budget but who value a suit that still looks good.

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